Our Story:

Hi my name is Leslie Nguyen and I am the founder of Miss. Mini Donuts. Here is a little about why I started the mini donuts and how they saved my life. I wanted to make our donuts mini because when I eat, I like to eat a variety of flavors and don’t want to commit to one whole donut. You can enjoy all the flavors and not feel as guilty.

People always laugh when I say, “The mini donuts saved my life” because how the heck can a little mini donut save someone’s life? On February 11, 2019 I had wanted to give up on life and commit suicide. I have been battling depression my whole life and it became so overwhelming that I no longer wanted to suffer from my pain. I would have donut orders to fulfill and would have to get up early to make these orders. I would be crying and listening to sad Lana Del Rey songs at 4AM while making donuts because I knew that people had birthdays, weddings, and gifts to give so I needed to make the minis to make all the people happy. It made me happy to make them happy. This went on for a couple of years and then it became my escape. I would escape into my donut world alone and would cook and decorate. The decorating of the minis is very meditating for me and it was soothing to do. I started to become busy with the donuts and had a lot of orders to fulfill everyday. It was time for me to grow and add people to create a team. I hired my first donut employee in 2017. Then grew the team and we worked all the festivals together as well as fulfill orders daily.

One comment that one of the girls made to me was,”You aren’t growing the donuts, you are growing a bunch of Boss Babes.” That comment always stuck with me and made me realize that this was my purpose. This was the reason for me to keep waking up everyday and to keep grinding. And here I am… still alive and with a purpose to help make people happy and to help them achieve their goals. If they want to own a Miss. Mini Donuts in their state and be their own boss to make their own money. I want to help do that. I just want to make the world happy, one mini donut at a time.

xoxo –

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